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Monday, 6th December  2021 | 12:05:00 A.M.


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As you step in the island of Cordova, you will found a place that you can call home and a soothing sea breeze that touches and embraces your spirit. Your enjoyable experience has begun at CORDOVA HOME VILLAGE.

A perfect location for your kids and family and a reliable customer service you find anywhere else.

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Studio Type
We have eighteen high-end Studio Type Units are available...
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Standard Room
We have twelve high-end Apartment Units that you can rent...
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Family Room
We offer 3 Family Rooms for overnight accommodation....
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Duplex Units
We offer two Duplex Units available for rent. Features...
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Entrance Rate

10 years old below ..... PHP50.00
11 years old above ..... PHP100.00

 Cottage Rate

Big Cottage (15 persons) ..... PHP500.00
Small Cottage (10 persons) ..... PHP400.00
Open Table ..... PHP20

Corkage Rate

Food ..... PHP200.00
Softdrinks per bottle ..... PHP80.00

Softdrinks per case ..... PHP200.00

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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